A new installment of the Two Minute Review – Caller Questions series.

Today’s question comes from Ron. He wants to know what an ND filter is.

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Digital Macro

Photographer Rishad Mistri invites the Two Minute Review to take a look at the unique capabilities of the digital macro on a simple Canon PowerShot digital camera.  Because of the size of the lens and the way that it compresses space, small objects take on a strange perspective different than what you would get with a traditional macro lens.  Watch the video to see more!

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Ken Taranto takes his GIGAPAN EPIC PRO out for a spin and shows us how to take an idea developed by NASA and make it your own.

It’s hard to really get a handle on the ridiculous resolution you can get with a Gigapan – we recommend visiting the site and zooming into the photos to see the devil (in the detail) for yourself.

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Don’t Look Back

Whether you’re shooting your first fashion line for a friend or you’re a pro who’s been at it for years, there’s always more to learn on the Two Minute REVUE.

Guest photographer BJ Formento of F+F shares the ins and outs of shooting a look book for fashion designer Timothy George.  Enjoy.

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Documentary Photography

Photographer Steve Meyer discusses the who what where why and how of storytelling in documentary photography.

Steve Meyer’s photography reflects the world we live in, whether on a farm, in the city or elsewhere.  Aside from his syndication with Getty Images, he is best known for his editorial work with Kiplinger’s Magazine, Town & Country, Metro New York, and Brooklyn Magazine. Steve goes where the world takes him for a good story.  He has exhibited his work in galleries in New York, participated in the Harlem Art Project (through Saatchi & Saatchi), been nominated for the Spider Award, and mentioned in Digital Photo Pro Magazine.  Steve earned a BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He lives and works in NYC.

Visit Steve online at  and at corkscrewproductions.

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Max Luger discusses the finer points of candid photography.

Max Luger is a Brooklyn-based photographer who specializes in street journalism and fine art portraiture.  His work has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art.


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Self Portraiture

Photographer Monica Felix on the art and craft of self-portraiture.

After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico, Rìo Piedras Campus with a B.A. in Communications in 2006, Monica became formally employed in the world of advertising at Arco.  Parallel to her work as an account executive she developed her personal projects, like photography, art videos, theater and photomontages. In 2007, she moved to New York City to study photography at Pratt Institute. The experience opened up the search process of the main themes that Félix explores in her conceptual work. Artists like Annie Leibowitz, Cindy Sherman, Andres Serrano, Gregory Crewdson, David LaChapelle and Fabian Vergara are key references in Félix’s images, who has looked to establish dialogues with their works, as well as stepping back to develop her own commentary from her life experiences. Currently, she works as an independent photographer in New York City and Puerto Rico.

See more of Monica’s work, including fashion, editorial, fine art portraiture, weddings, and more at

Special thanks to the Grace Hotel, New York.

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