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Don’t Look Back

Whether you’re shooting your first fashion line for a friend or you’re a pro who’s been at it for years, there’s always more to learn on the Two Minute REVUE.

Guest photographer BJ Formento of F+F shares the ins and outs of shooting a look book for fashion designer Timothy George.  Enjoy.

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Dispatch from the Philippines

What happens when a talented photographer with a flare for color and drama meets up with a world-class art director with a cinematic vision?

In the case of BJ and Richelle Formento of F+F, they get married and go forth into the world, sending back incredible images from their work and travels.

Last month the duo traveled to the Philippines (BJ’s brithplace) with the goal of creating a work that reflected the Philippines of the 21st century.  “300 Years in the Convent 50 Years in Hollywood is the result, and if you’re in the SF Bay Area you can see the photos in person at the Togonon Gallery in San Francisco through January 7, 2012.

BJ and Richelle also appear as Guest Photographers in two installments of the Two Minute Review!  Stay tuned for their debut sometime early next year…

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