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Ken Taranto takes his GIGAPAN EPIC PRO out for a spin and shows us how to take an idea developed by NASA and make it your own.

It’s hard to really get a handle on the ridiculous resolution you can get with a Gigapan – we recommend visiting the site and zooming into the photos to see the devil (in the detail) for yourself.

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Holiday mayhem is on like Tron, and like us, you probably still have shopping to do.

Or maybe you’re a Grinch who hoards all the best presents for yourself.

Everyone could use a little help navigating the endless isles of merchandise.  That’s why we love it when some one brings the best merchandise to you.     Since Photojojo’s tumbler site in an endless stream of inspiration, we were pretty confident we’d find some inexpensive stocking stuffers in their online store.

They didn’t let us down.  Here are some of our faves from their faves – all for under $30!

The Lens Cap Strap Holder

The Pocket Pod

The Level Camera Cube

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