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Smile Like You Mean It

We close out our month-long Canon T3i/600D obsession with three gorgeous portraits from Spanish photographer Maria Jose Perez.  Maria utilizes several tools to give her shots a wistful vintage feel: sun flare, bleaching out colors in post, wardrobe, and perhaps most importantly, a great feel for people that comes through in the expressions on her models.

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Follow the Leader

Sweet T3i/600D capture from UK amateur Judith White.

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Get Pushed!

Loving these shots by today’s T3i shooter – Jason Manion, of Columbus, Ohio.

Scrolling throuh Jason’s  photostream, one image in particular caught our eye – a black and white cityscape that looked nothing like his other shots.  Turns out it was taken through a super innovative Flickr group called Get Pushed, which pairs different photographers together so they can challenge each other to leave their respective comfort zones. Read more about the challenge that led to this shot by clicking on the image.



Different photographers excel in different areas.  This is often most apparent at the outset of a photographer’s career, when his or her influences and inspirations are exceptionally pronounced.  Marcel Rainer, an Austrian photographer on the cusp of turning twenty, has an eye for color.  Whether shooting nature or still life, people or places, day or night, Rainer is always attuned to the power and meaning of color.  Like all of our January 2012 featured photographers, Rainer shoots on a Canon T3i/600D.

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No Limits

Steve Halverson, a Washington state shooter who’s had his T3i for just under a year, processes most every shot with HDR.  In his own words,

for the most part I like to “keep it real” on the HDR processing but I occasionally like to “blow them out.”

When Steve blows it out, he really blows it out – pushing his colors to their psychedelic limits, making the ordinary extraordinary, and the extraordinary downright nuts.  Scrolling through his photostream can teach beginners great lessons on how far photos can be pushed in post processing.

The following images range from keeping it real (the barn) to pushing it a bit (the rocks) to blowing it totally out of the water (the fire truck).

If you have questions for Steve about his photos, send them to us and we’ll pass them along.

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Beautiful for Spacious Skies

We can’t let those English lads have all the fun – – the New World is home to some of the most gorgeous swaths of land on the planet.

Cole Chase might live in Iowa, but he’s taken his Canon T3i all over the USA and done great service to some of our most stunning national wonders.

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Quick Study

Our latest favorite Canon T3i/600D shooter is Anthony-Owen Jones, of Wales, Great Britain.

The 600D is Anthony’s first SLR camera and he’s only had it for about a year, but he’s already had pictures accepted by Getty Images and become one of Flickr’s favorite photographers.

He credits his success to the luck of living on North Wales’ beautiful coastline, but we think he’s being too modest.

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Sweden’s Dahling

Zsa Zsa Gabore once said she called everyone “darling” because she can’t remember their names.

Maybe this means if you’re lucky enough to be named “Dahling” (sounds the same when Zsa Zsa says it), no one will ever forget your name.

Stockholm-based photographer Robin Dahling is only 18 years old but as you can see he’s already putting his Canon T3i/600D to excellent use.

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In England They Call It The 600D

This month we’re paying extra close attention to the Canon T3i, or as it’s known outside the US, the 600D.   In Saltburn-by-the-Sea, England, amateur photographer Mark Middleton uses his 600D to document extreme sports and life on the water front.  Most of his photos would be right at home anywhere from the cover of a BMX magazine to a breaking story in the local paper.

You can scroll through his Flickr photostream to see the high octane action shots, but in the meantime check out what happens when Mark turns his lens on slower moving subjects – buildings and landscapes.

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