About Us

Green Hill Camera is a retail camera outlet that specializes in digital SLRs.

Green Hill also produces The Two Minute Review, an online series of interviews with photographers about their work, their equipment, and how the two come together.

Our blog is inspired by our experience helping people choose the right cameras, lenses, and accessories for their needs.  In the brick-and-mortar days, the camera store was a meeting place where professionals and enthusiasts often met up, showed each other their work and talked shop.  The owners of the store were able to see and hear how their customers were using the equipment, and photographers were able to share their work, stories and ideas with each other.  With our blog, we hope to bring that experience into the digital age by featuring the work of some of the most inspiring photographers working today.

Join the conversation by commenting on the posts.  If you wish to submit your photographs for publication, please send them to photos@greenhillcamera.com