No Limits

Steve Halverson, a Washington state shooter who’s had his T3i for just under a year, processes most every shot with HDR.  In his own words,

for the most part I like to “keep it real” on the HDR processing but I occasionally like to “blow them out.”

When Steve blows it out, he really blows it out – pushing his colors to their psychedelic limits, making the ordinary extraordinary, and the extraordinary downright nuts.  Scrolling through his photostream can teach beginners great lessons on how far photos can be pushed in post processing.

The following images range from keeping it real (the barn) to pushing it a bit (the rocks) to blowing it totally out of the water (the fire truck).

If you have questions for Steve about his photos, send them to us and we’ll pass them along.

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One thought on “No Limits

  1. Another great HDR editing..

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