you can see he writes,  from the pie chart above, car and home break ins are still the biggest way thieves are targeting cameras and lenses: they accounted for over half of all thefts reported to LensTag in 2015.


Neal Preston

American photographer Neal Preston is one of the greatest music photographers.

Thee exhibition  offers a unique insight into 45 years of rock history, showcasing powerful, intimate images that capture musicians in their creative and personal environments and are authentic testimonies of life, with its highs and lows, on and behind the stage.

here is a link

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The ultimate camera has 16 lenses that work together to create 52 megapixel images

Light, the Silicon Valley VC backed company says it creates a new generation of it is

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Lowepro launches ViewPoint bags designed for action camera gear

For the advanced action cam user, Lowepro introduced the ViewPoint Series, a line of bags that will make your action camera a part of your outfit.

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A new book and exhibit explore the evolution of Japanese photography

The years that immediately followed 1968—with the political and social implications that ’68 epitomized for western countries and beyond—were equally transformative for Japanese photographers.

1968 is dubbed “year zero” in contemporary Japanese art, as photographers and artists began seeking new ways to better convey the significant cultural evolution that was underway, and the camera became a crucial and versatile tool for the overlap and blending of photography and art…..”


Don’t miss Metropolitan’s ” In and Out of the Studio Photographic Portraits from West Africa”

the exhibition portraits 100 years of portraits photography in West Africa through nearly eighty photographs taken between the 1870s and the 1970s.The exhibit’s 80 photographs span a century of work from Senegal to Cameroon from Gabon to Mali and include work from both professional and amateur photographers.The installation seeks to expand our understanding of West African portrait photography by rendering the broad variety of these practices and aesthetics.

a beautiful show!

August 31, 2015–January 3, 2016

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Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson (born September 26, 1962) is an American Photographer who is best known for elaborately staged scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. Is work is exceptional! 

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Polaroid Snap: A Digital Camera That Prints Inkless Instant Photos

Berlin, September 2, 2015Polaroid announced   the introduction of the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The newest addition to the brand’s expanding instant digital camera line, the Polaroid Snap delivers the instant simplicity and spontaneity that is synonymous with the brand, with a pocket-sized form factor and affordable price point. In addition to its compact footprint and classic Polaroid instant camera experience, the Polaroid Snap combines digital imaging with the Zero Ink® Printing technology platform to enable users to easily print and share physical photos at the push of a button, while saving their image for easy uploading to a computer and any social media platform.

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World’s most powerful digital camera being built by US Department of Energy

Geek reports that The camera will be part of the imaging system in the upcoming Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) where it will help catalog celestial objects at warp speed.


Photo Shanghai 2015 Lineup Announced

Photo Shanghai, Asia’s premier art fair dedicated to photography will be hosting some super photographers this year!

In addition to featuring big international renowned artists such as Nobuyoshi Araki,  Daido Moriyama, Hiroshi Sugimoto & Yang Yong Liang, Photo Shanghai seeks to become a platform of artistic exchange where international collectors can discover outstanding works.

Will be interesting!!

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It’s time to stop talking about photography. It’s not that photography is dead as many have claimed, but it’s gone.

 an eye opening article in TIME : In the future, there will be no such thing as a “straight photograph”

“…Things will go even further with the development of curved sensors that will allow completely different ways to interpret light, but that for the moment remains an idea rather than a reality. Everything else is already happening and will become increasingly evident as new technologies roll out, ushering us into a very different visual culture with expectations far beyond simple documentation…..”

Prisoners gain new focus though pinhole photography

Great thing I’ve found on the BBC. Now using photography to help rehabilitate prisoners sense of  “self”. The photography workshops facilitated by YoNoFui, a social organisation that runs support and education schemes for women both in and outside prison core’s idea  is to teach prisoners life skills while providing a vital space for their self-expression.

The  project receives government funding, the long-term goal is for it to finance itself though the sale of goods such as furniture and handicrafts produced in its workshops.

here are some photos:

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